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The Tamale Girl

The Tamale Girl tamales are naturally gluten free,
lactose free, dairy free and she does not use any leavening
agents {like eggs, baking powder or baking soda}.
She uses 100% Crisco vegetable shortening in my Vegan
tamales and Tenderflake in meat varieties.
Tamales are also ecofriendly; feel free to compost your empty husk once you
have savored your tamale.
Fully cooked and frozen – Easy to heat – Steamable or microwavable.
The tamale has been around since 5000 B.C. and is a favorite food
from Mexico and South America.
Although in some regions banana leaves are used to hold the tamale together, she prefers to use corn husks just like her Hispanic Mom and Grandmother taught her when she learned to make them growing up in South Texas.
We're looking forward to supporting local food providers like The Tamale Girl at Dietrichs; increasing our product assortment and expanding our offerings to our valued customers.